Jump Into The Green-painted Surprise

30ti na okrugliciGreen color use to, mainly, for relax and that’s why each of us should make periodic trips to the environment where she’s dominant.

If we compare the Environmental routine with the scene in the picture above, we can not help feeling that she is, like the dirt road – lifeless beaten.

Many will overlook or completely ignore the fact that there are many places where we can just step on the grassy  greenery of relax and inspiration, deplete the needed energy  from the unique population of unadulterated nature, and then return to the hard-packed trail routines, but much stronger.

A bit of Bosnian beauty that you seen in the picture carries a lot of weird name – ‘The 30th’ and it’s located on the south side of the mountain Zvijezda in Central Bosnia.

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10 thoughts on “Jump Into The Green-painted Surprise

  1. Hello and nice to meet you. Thank you for following my blog. .Never been to your country but I am sure it is green and pretty and has wonderful cuisines .Have a nice day..


  2. I live in an area of California where the native landscape is brown much of the year. My favorite time of year is late winter/early spring. The little amount of rain we DO get makes the hillsides and brush green for a few weeks. Although short-lived, It is beautiful. I spent some time in Britain for school and so appreciated the green-ness of it. I imagine Bosnia must be a bit like that. Thank you for following my blog.


  3. It’s very beautiful! I totally agree, and scientific studies have also found that among people who can see at least one green tree in their day, there is a lot less depression and fewer mental health issues.

    We were made to be in the green, to feel the breeze and the sunlight, however weak, we need to hear the birdsong and the leaves rustling.

    Liz, thank you for stopping by my blog. http://www.lizbrownleepoet.com (animals and nature and poetry.)

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  4. Yes! I completely agree about venturing into green places, breathing in the energy of those leaves and valleys and deep gorges. I remember walking once in France and being completely overwhelmed by all the green softness, that lush, life-giving colour. Here in the south-east of Australia things don’t often get so green. Most of our biggest trees are kind of green-grey and beautiful in another way. But it’s not quite the same. Liz Brownlee said it so well: we were made to be in the green 🙂


  5. Thank you for your follow of Heart of Life Poetry, I really appreciate it. Your blog has brought surprises to me! I had no idea of the beauty to be found in Bosnia. I’m also glad to connect with another blogger who is into celebrating nature.


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