Silent Party

omanica ilijas

Meadows near Korita village, Ilijas, central Bosnia.

This was a war zone, 20 years ago.

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33 thoughts on “Silent Party

  1. I VERY MUCH like the image because of its being ‘once’ a war zone. We need more such images, in my opinion. Man is so ready to kill others, it seems … to know that his madness can be grown over and let sink back into the earth is a temporary reassurance.
    I am delighted that we have met !


  2. 20 years ago! I was only 7, but I still remember the news about Bosnia and what they showed on TV. A kids image is still tethered somewhere in my memories. Is Bosnia a safer place now? I like meadows and this pic is special because it is telling a story.

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  3. You live in a beautiful country. And you capture it well. Its wonderful to see dreamy pics of a nation that has been long in the news for war and unrest. May we see many more such pictures of peace, joy and life in Bosnia, and may your breed of young who wish to share a different version of your country grow. Wonderful to have you stop by on my blog, and glad to have discovered you in the process.


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