Ancient Anti-globalists

breza bazilika, bosnian beauty and bosnian tourism

Late antique basilica (Hedum castellum Deasitiatum) in Breza, 20 miles north of  Sarajevo, former  residence of the Illyrian tribe Desidiats.  They are revolted against Roman Empire in the year of 6. A.D. and were defeated.


23 thoughts on “Ancient Anti-globalists

  1. Hi Alisjusic, I was in Bosnia in the late 90’s as part of the Peace Keeping forces. It is heart warming to see your site and the beautiful pictures of Bosnia. While my stay there was during a difficult time in Bosnia’s history, the conflicts of mankind cannot suppress the beauty of your country or its people. You and your blog are certainly proof of that!


  2. Lovely photos and it’s fascinating to read your details of nature – makes me want to go outside and touch a tree! I have hugged a tree and almost felt its life in my hands. Love trees and flowers and birds and all the beauty around us if we just open our eyes and ears to it. Thank you for sharing.


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