Dream Under My Wing

jahorina_ljeto_01, bosnian beauty and bosnian tourism

Jahorina is one of those mountains that are perfect for camping . Place that you can take your beloved wife and spend a night with her under the starry sky.

It doesn’t matter whether you’ve just arrived in the port of marriage or already have thirty years experience in this noble community, this kind of move will certainly make benefit for both of you.

If you’re a newΒ  sailor in double waters, then this is an outstanding way to show your wife that you are not just a horny male who is primarily interested in sex. On the other hand, this move will ‘blow up’ yourΒ  ‘beautiful memories balance’ that will certainly be of benefit in periods when various forms of monotony start knocking on the door.

But if you’ve already been married for many years, going to a place like this can certainly contribute to the necessary freshness that will entice those long repressed serenity that once shone in the eyes of your beloved one. Along with the sound of fire crackling and the other symphony from the dark, emotions extracted from remote corners of your hearts will also tweet.

Take at some pointΒ  a close look into the eyes of your beloved one, there will be a clear message emerged from the deepest parts of her soul :

”I want to be together with you for eternity.”


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21 thoughts on “Dream Under My Wing

  1. Ni hao Alis – I am so happy you found my blog and decided to ‘follow’ me. I have been reading all your posts – Bosnia looks like a truly beautiful country, and as my dear husband and I have been married for 38 years maybe we should visit Jahorina! At the moment I am envying you the clean air you breathe as here in Beijing the air is foul and polluted, we either wear masks or stay indoors 😦 I’ll be reading your posts regularly. Zai jian!


  2. Hi, I like how you relate a simple scene to love and marriage. I guess I could breathe the freshness from Bosnia while reading your posts. Nowadays nature has become so scarce to some of us that it does feel like a therapy or medicine. Thanks a lot for visiting my little blog and following me!


  3. What a lovely and peaceful landscape photo! You’ve got some scenic and interesting photographs on your blog too. Thank you for your visit and I’m glad you liked “Celebrate Love,” my Easter poem. Wishing you a happy Easter. Kind regards, Iris.


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