How to avoid guest blogging at the Jerry Springer Show

perucica, bosnian beauty and bosnian tourism

One of the way that you can invest your in your own acumen is to expose yourself to harmonious scenes from nature.
Some of the characteristics for those who neglect the work on improving the mental aspects of their personality is to spend most of their time in sterile and not very inspiring environment. Their departure in nature mainly boils down to a good drunk.

And while first absorbing a multitude of inspiration from nature in a way that they become a better interlocutors, useful members of society, someone with whom you can have an incredible interesting conversations, others are becoming a classical parasites. The most egregious examples usually end up as a ‘guest bloggers’ at the Jerry Springer Show humiliating themselves while masses screams.


Image: Perucica, East Bosnia, one of the oldest forest in Europe
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5 thoughts on “How to avoid guest blogging at the Jerry Springer Show

  1. This is a beautiful photo. I enjoy being in the solitude of nature and I can see myself in this picture. 🙂 Thanks for finding me and following. I think I will enjoy following your post.


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