Floods in Bosnia! The largest in last 120 years!






hrvati village banovici

Hrvati village, Banovici



nemila, zenica

Nemila village, Zenica

we, zvornik

Zvornik, east Bosnia


Celic, north Bosnia





kakanj-ponijeri road

Kakanj-Ponijeri road

donji vakuf

Donji Vakuf, central Bosnia



doboj from fortress

Doboj from fortress



bosnian army

Bosnian soldier at work



road zavidovici tuzla

Road Zavidovici-Tuzla


Village near Srebrenik, north Bosnia

brezik, zavidovici

Village Brezik, Zavidovici

zavidovici center

Center of  Zavidovici

stanic rijeka village, road doboj tuzla

Stanic Rijeka village, road Doboj-Tuzla

donja orahovica, gracanica, spreca river

Donja Orahovica, Gracanica, Spreca river

sarajevo, miljacka

Sarajevo, Miljacka river







kiseljak novo


bosna river north bosnia

Bosna river, north Bosnia area Odzak and Modrica

banovici flooding


zgosca river, kakanj

Zgosca river, Kakanj (25 miles north of Sarajevo)

Golubinjak village, river Gostelja, Zivinice

Golubinjak village, river Gostelja, Zivinice

banja luka flooding

Banja Luka

Bread prepared to send

Bread prepared to send for the most critical areas.

two rivers in travnik

Two rivers (Lasva and Plava Voda) are struggling in Travnik.

modrac, brana he

Dam on HE Modrac, north Bosnia.

sana river sanski most

Sana river, west Bosnia

golubinjak zivinice

Golubinjak,  Zivinice

bosnian army at work

Bosnian army at work

sarajevo, tuzla road, cevljanovici

Road Sarajevo-Tuzla, Cevljanovici village


Topcic Polje near Zenica, central Bosnia

gracanica lukavac area

Gracanica and Lukavac area, north Bosnia, village Dobosnica

tuzla, mejdan hall

Mejdan hall, Tuzla

laktasi, bosnia

Laktasi, north-west Bosnia

cerska kliziste

Part of Cerska village, Vlasenica, north-east Bosnia (unconfirmed information, 1 person buried)

bare doboj

Bare village, Doboj

filozofski fakultet, pomoc, poplave, floods

Faculty of Philosophy in Sarajevo collects aid.  There is no place in the classroom anymore.

dolac na lasvi, floods, poplava

Dolac on Lasva near Travnik, central Bosnia


Sana river, Prijedor, north-west Bosnia

svrake, vogosca

Svrake village, Vogosca, 7 miles north of Sarajevo



floods humanity

Humanity in Action

doboj, saving

Rescue in Doboj

čelinac jagode

Celinac, destroyed strawberries

eufor helping people in zenica

EUFOR helps people in Zenica

bosnian army force

Bosnian army force in a rescue mission

dobosnica lukavac

Dobosnica village, Lukavac, north Bosnia

doboj dog


doboj railway

Railway, Doboj

lake modrac

Lake Modrac, near Tuzla

baby floods bosnia

No comment!











61 thoughts on “Floods in Bosnia! The largest in last 120 years!

  1. I am traveling in Croatia. The weather is cold. I just heard about the flooding earlier this evening. At least my feet are dry. Visit me to see my latest from Croatia.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. That’s appalling, Alis – so many people losing their homes. We know all about it here: in Queensland, the State to the north of mine, they’ve been flooded like this a few times in the past couple of years. It’s climate change, of course. May I reblog this, please ?

    Liked by 2 people

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  4. This breaks my heart, Alis. I recognized a few of the locations from my travels there. I’ve often told people “I don’t have Bosnian blood, just Bosnian bones.” I’ll be thinking and praying for the lovely Bosnian people. I appreciate you reporting on what’s happening there. 😦


  5. Man that was quite some powerful pictures. And tragic for the people who live there. The worst part is that who knew? Didn´t see it yet at least in the Americans channels and certainly not in the Spanish channels, doubt they are going to cover this. Good you brought the attention to it. Would like to donate but I´m literally broke. So the only thing I can do to help is just spread the word on twitter.


  6. Sending everyone love, positive energy, prayers, and more love. I’m so sorry for everyone dealing with the horrors. This is unbelievable; thank you for keeping us updated and showing the intensity of the damage through the photos. God bless you, Alis.


  7. Of course I have heard about these horrible floods, but your photos tell a story well-beyond my imagination! This is simply terrible. My heart really goes out to you and the people of Bosnia. The feeling of helplessness in the face of so much devastation must be painful. I admire the sense of unity and cooperation that you describe, and know you will get through this, but I would never minimize how hard this is right now. I am very moved and will be checking back to learn more as the days pass.


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  9. Great Pics. They graphically and aesthetically demonstrate how swiftly Nature sweeps us away and all our grandiose constructions and our arrogant certainty that WE are in control.
    We went thru similar floods recently here in far off Brisbane. And last week we had the worst hail-storm on record- hail-stones the size of your fist smashed every window facing South. (The glaziers are happy at least, they’ll be replacing glass till April.) As a result the shell-shocked townsfolk are jumpy as neurotic cats. Everytime the sun goes behind a cloud they start weeping and begin putting up sandbags in the doorway.
    Meanwhile half of the State is “drought declared”. Ah, I love a land of sweeping contrasts. There’d be a lot of material here for your lens.


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