Floods in Bosnia – Part Two! The largest in last 120 years!




ZVORNIK east bosnia flooding

Zvornik, east Bosnia

railway tuzla

Damaged railroad which supplies coal to TE Tuzla

dobor village modrica

Dobor village, Modrica, north Bosnia

polom village

Polom village, Bratunac, east Bosnia

inside of flooded house, bratunac

Interior of flooded house, Bratunac

landslide zavidovici

Landslide, Zavidovici

brcko north bosnia

Sand mound on river Sava in Brcko, north Bosnia

krajnici village zavidovici

Krajnici village, Zavidovici

sanski most west bosnia

Sanski Most, west Bosnia

people in graz austria collecting help for bosnian people

People in Graz, Austria collect aid for the people in Bosnia

bosnian army in action, tuzla

Bosnian army in action, Tuzla

animal peace

Animal truce

odzak vukosavlje road

Odzak-Vukosavlje road, north Bosnia



sinan susnjar cop jump into cold river una and save the guy

Cop Sinan Susnjar jump into the cold river Una and save the guy from drowning



bridge on brka river brcko

Bridge on Brka river, Brcko

topcic polje near zenica

Topcic Polje near Zenica

topcic polje

Topcic Polje after landslide





20 thoughts on “Floods in Bosnia – Part Two! The largest in last 120 years!

    • As much as i know, Montenegro is ok. Croatia have small amount of floods at this moment and the most critical situation is in Serbia at this moment and some north-east part of Bosnia, region called Semberia (population: 300 000).


  1. Mother nature has been reminding us of her power a lot lately. It is difficult to imagine how people’s lives can overcome such a widespread catastrophe, but they do and usually very quickly. I hope for everyone’s safety and well being. Thank you for keeping us aware.


      • Yes, I was part of the early NATO SFOR mission in Tuzla. I remember the Sava flooding when we first came to Bosnia and washing away our trucks, equipment and supplies. It wasn’t a good start but we learned respect for the Bosnian countryside quickly. I hope everyone will be okay!


  2. So sorry to read about this disaster, Alis (;o(* I hope things will get back to *normal* as quickly as possible, with no further *messing up* by Mother nature.

    Thank you for sharing your pictures…

    Good Luck for better times and days in your country!

    Melody Fox (aka the Princess of Rock)
    Love Peace Music


  3. Incredible images – try emailing a few of the major news organisations like BBC or AAP with a link to these so they might promote. It is often bloggers / citizen journalists who now contribute to news footage in areas journalists cannot access. Stay strong.


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